Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Tissue Box Covers

Tonight I spent some time working on the tissue box covers. I am at the point now where I am turning down the top to make the drawstring case. I should be able to finish the sewing tomorrow and then just have the drawstring parts to do. I might do that in front of the TV since it doesn't involve the machine!

I realized I had forgotten to identify my UFO projects for each month. So in retrospective, The Quilt That Never Ends was my November project. As for December, I probably would have said that my Christmas quilt binding would have been that, but I actually finished it before December even started! So I think I'm going to pronounce that my December project will be my Big Block Throw quilt from the retreat this year. The top was sent to my friend Linda for quilting and I was happily surprised with a call yesterday that it was ready. The plan is to pick it up this weekend and get the binding made and put on before we go to Houston for Christmas. It would be nice to have this to work on in the car, but I also have a dog agility trial before then, and it's likely a large dent will be made in binding while sitting and waiting to run.

Another project I want to have ready for the trip is some hand applique and hand quilting. I have my 2008 Block of the month quilt that I want to try hand applique on. I like machine applique but I don't want the heavy lines on this quilt. I already have the back pieced together I just need to create the bias binding for the vines and some flowers. I'm not so sure that this will get accomplished before the trip because of the scrapbooking projects I want to give as gifts.

The other project is a panel I got at the retreat this year. It's a Japanese Koi panel that would be so pretty to quilt in fancy thread. So I'm going to make the attempt. Tomorrow Tina and I will be going to Jo-Anns over lunch and I am going to buy the fabric for the back then.

Monday, December 6, 2010

New projects

This picture is actually from last night. I started working on the tissue box covers collections. The pattern is from the quilt retreat and is super simple. I made one to make sure I understood the instructions and cut the fabric for the rest.

I also went through a bag of clothes marked for repair, only to find that most of them were too big and will be freecycled. Yea for Kyle!

Tonight I started to sew the rest of he tissue box covers but my head is just killing me. I think a shower is in order and maybe some offline scrapbook planning and online Christmas shopping.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Project 1 Complete!

This afternoon I finished my potato cookers. The finishing isn't really up to my standards but I'm not sure what else I can do to make them more professional. Still need to attach a recipe card to them but that will not take long. This evening I will probably craft some more but I'm not sure if it will be sewing the second Christmas projects or working on scrapbooking. Both need to get done before the weekend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not quite done

I ended up going to the store to do some grocery shopping and get a Christmas gift so I didn't get started sewing until late. I think with another hour of work tomorrow I can finish the potato cookers! Then on to the other Christmas gifts, clothing repair and make a no-sew fleece blanket. We shall see. There are scrapbooks to work on as well.

More potatoes!

Look familiar? I spent Wednesday evening cutting out the fabric for the three potato cookers that I need to make. Good enough. Thursday's task will be to put them together.

Monthly Sewing Night

Tuesday was our monthly sewing get-together and I was fortunate to be able to pick up my machine from the dealer on the way in. The planned project was to work on a Christmas gift that is a baked potato cooker for the microwave. Although it is an easy pattern, it took a while because the instructions are a bit lacking (Deja Vu)? But this is the end result. Imagine the jelly roll to be a potato and you get the idea. It turned out pretty well for my first attempt. This one is going to my sister because she won't care that it's not perfect. Three more to go!

I wasn't sitting around doing nothing!

I was lucky enough to get my binding made and sewn onto the front of my 2007 block of the month quilt from Rustic Yearnings before my machine demanded to be serviced. I had started the hand binding on the back before the Thanksgiving holiday but hadn't gotten to far into it. We decided to go to Texas for the holiday so I packed up my supplies and bound the quilt while driving. Lucky for me my motion sickness did not kick in! It only took 3 years, 2 attempts at appliqué and 1600 miles to finish but here it is! So my 15 minutes a day strategy wasn't applied very well during the last few weeks but the marathon 2-day binding-test made up for it.