Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, I am still alive...

So I've not been blogging. This is true. I actually tried a few posts but they were rejected. This was also right after the time my Gmail account was hacked so I think there was some protection going on there. Trying to fix the mobile blogging today since that's the only way I'll probably ever post regularly with pictures.

So what have I been doing? Well, I've been doing some hand applique and I did finish The Quilt That Never Ends after it came back from the quilter. Right noe I'm working on a baby quilt for a friend and then I'm going back to applique for a bit.

Craftiness has been down and work has been up. It will probably be that way through the end of the summer. But I still have my monster sewing sessions 2-3 times a month, so it gets made up for. I also did some scrapping this month and am almost done with Miagi's book. It will be bittersweet and very hard to write that last page.

If I can get the mobile blogging back up you'll see a post in a few minutes on the baby quilt.