Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mulberry Stars - Month 1

It has been forever since I posted, but I have been doing A LOT of sewing recently. This year my friend Tina and I decided to participate in some block of the months at a local quilt shop. Once a month we make a trek to the quilt shop and pick up our blocks, then spend the day working on them or othe projects.

One of my block of the months is something called Mulberry Stars from Wing and a Prayer Design. It's made with batiks and is gorgeous! I was super excited but haven't had a chance to work on it all year until tonight.

This is Month 1, block 1:

It did take me all night to complete, which was a bummer as I was hoping to do at least two blocks a night done. The pattern is not bad, although it's one that has you make Flying Geese and HST blocks and then square them up. It does make for a nice block but extra work that I don't love.

I have two more blocks and the pieced cornerstones to get caught up. It could happen before we go get the next block, but I have two quilts that need longarming and binding very quickly so who knows.