Saturday, April 28, 2012

I got my machine back!

Today I finally got my machine back from being serviced. It had it's handled replaced and a once-over cleaning. I picked it up on the way into block party and brought six different projects to work on. I was able to get to two of them tonight.

The first project was to make a back for my signature quilt that my friends made for my 30th birthday. I finished that and sent it off to my quilter via her daughter-in-law.

My second project was a set of jeans that I have which recently got a rip right next to one of the back pockets. Now I have a lot of jeans that this has happened to, but none have been just a few months old and fit as nice as these. I decided to take them tonight to see if I could mend them. At the very least I was going to buy a denim patch and do the iron-on thing. So tonight I brought them out and was asking the other quilters for opinions on how to fix them when the Viking lady (who happened to be back there at the time) was telling me that I should darn them. I have never darned anything in my life so we had to pull out the book and she showed me how, this is the result:


I think this will work very well for other jeans where I have this problem. I just probably need to find closer thread colors. But most times I'm wearing shirts that go beyond this point. I'm just super excited that I learned how to do this!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Harper Handy Work

Saturdays are always strange because usually one of us is gone for most of the day. Today though that was not the case so we were able to complete a few projects that have been on the list for awhile. While these aren't traditional crafty things, it's something of an art form so I'm including them.

We bought some plants earlier in the week but hadn't had a chance to plant them. Today I did just that. Although I have farming roots in my family I was just not blessed with the green thumb. Half of what I plant dies. But I was re-insipid to try again after a wellness class at work talking about planting a nutritious garden. So I'm starting small with a container garden on the deck and two Topsy-Turveys hanging from my deck. We'll see how it goes this summer.


The other thing that I've been putting off for years is making weave poles for the boys. James and Henry are both learning weave poles with the 2x2 method, so it was imperative that we make/buy some. While I was planting, Kyle was engineering and made these.

Tonight I will resume my normal crafty endeavors. My machine is at the shop getting multiple repairs and a service, so I'm left with hand-quilting or scrapbooking to do. I've not been in a scrapbooking mode lately and I'm going to be ok with that. My normal scrapbooking buddies have moved away or gotten busy with life.